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State-of-the-Art Contact Lenses

Northeast Eye Care prescribes the most up-to-date and technologically advanced contact lenses. We offer a variety of contact lenses to fit your lifestyle and eye condition. We pride ourselves on fitting custom and difficult contact lens prescriptions.

Single-Use Daily Contacts

We offer a wide selection of daily lenses that are perfect for an athlete. Daily lenses offer the healthiest option when it comes to contact lenses. There are no cases or lenses to care for, making daily lenses perfect for first-time contact lens patients and younger kids. Daily lenses also offer superior comfort throughout the day. If you have experienced discomfort or no longer wear contacts because you could never find a contact lens that was comfortable for your eyes, stop by Northeast Eye Care to try the newest options in daily lenses.

Multifocal Contacts

Are you over 40 and still want to wear contacts? You're probably much more active than your parents were at your age. Biking, jogging, exercising, and playing sports are just a few of the activities that today's 40-somethings routinely enjoy. It's no surprise that many people 40 and older prefer contact lenses over glasses for their active lifestyles. Reading glasses used to be the only option available to contact lens wearers who wanted to read a menu or do other everyday tasks that require good near vision.

Today, a number of multifocal contact lens options are available for you to consider. Multifocal contact lenses offer the best of both worlds: no glasses, along with good near and distance vision. Northeast Eye Care is proud to offer you a wide range of contact lens options.

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Scleral Lenses

There are many reasons a patient may not be a good contact lens candidate. However, too much astigmatism or too high of a prescription is no longer one of them. These specialty contact lenses get their name from the way they lay on the eye. These lenses rest on the sclera (the white part of your eye) and allow the lens to vault over the cornea.

The cornea lies between the contact lens and the iris. If the cornea has an abnormal shape, this causes astigmatism. Furthermore, a patient with corneal disease or a corneal scar will also have a high amount of astigmatism. Soft contact lenses do not work for these patients because the soft lens will simply conform to the abnormal shape of the cornea.

However, a scleral lens is made of a firmer material that maintains its own shape and does not conform to the irregular shape of the cornea. Scleral lenses are far more comfortable than traditional soft contact lenses. The lenses are more comfortable because the edges of the lens get tucked underneath your eyelids.

If you have been told your prescription is too high or you have too much astigmatism to wear contacts, call 1-800-521-3266 to talk to our eye doctor about scleral contact lenses.
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